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Our Principal Clinical Audiologist Tim Husband has over a decade of experience working in Medico Legal assessment, Medico Legal Report writing and Medico Legal Rehabilitation services.

Anonymised sample reports are available on request

Tim Husband specialises in both remote, domiciliary and face to face client assessment. He is highly responsive to the needs of the instructing clients and is able to work to tight schedules when required

Medico Legal Hearing Assessments are conducted using RadioEar DD65 v2 sound isolating headphones. Environmental soundfloor measurements are taken to ensure ambient noise is below 35dBA throughout testing.

Tim is an Expert in Tinnitus assessment, rehabilitation and Medico Legal Tinnitus Report writing. Using validated weighted questionnaires including the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory, Tinnitus Functional Index and Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale alongside detailed clinical history and clinical findings he develops a detailed case profile and evidence based rehabilitation recommendations.

As an experienced Clinical Audiologist, Hearing Therapist and Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser his also able to deliver patient rehabilitation pathways and evidence efficacy using recognised weighted outcome measures. This includes Tinnitus and Balance treatment alongside advance digital hearing aid fittings.

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