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Tim Husband Interview on The One Show


I first consulted Mr Husband some eight months ago, having tried many hearing devices with very, very limited improvement. At that time my hearing was abysmal. I felt I was almost totally deaf and I was uncomfortable in most gatherings of more than two or three. During a number home visits made to me in the past months Mr Husband has impressed me, a very trying patient, with his technical knowledge, patience , perseverance , innovation and sense of humour and ability to keep go forward until a solution was found to solve my particular problem. Thanks to Mr Husband my hearing has been transformed. I feel it is almost perfect. My family and friends are amazed at the transformation that has taken place. I have not the slightest reservation in recommending Mr Husband to anyone with hearing problems. One friend recommended has now also had his hearing transformed.
A. Twelves
I contacted Tim as my NHS hearing aids were being problematic and I wasn't really getting a satisfactory response. I've been very impressed with the amount of time that he takes: to listen to my concerns, to conduct an assessment, and then to explain the nature of the problem and the range of solutions available. It's been great being able to have intelligent conversations about my hearing problems with someone who clearly has a genuine interest in and a lot of specialist knowledge of the subject: more like talking to a scientist than a salesman. The support after the aids had been fitted has been excellent as well: not only promptly supplying extra batteries etc but also doing additional hearing tests when needed. Highly recommended!
T. Brent
Tim Husband is an extremely knowledgeable audiologist who explains clearly the complexities of how the ear works and what can go wrong. He provides an excellent service selecting appropriate hearing aids, setting them up for the user and then provides a first rate aftercare service. I am very pleased with my hearing aids and the service I have received over the last five years.
S. Kingsley
I contacted Tim Husband in early 2017 because my 86yo mother’s NHS hearing aids were not really doing a good enough job as her hearing deteriorated with age. Tim visited us at home, performed all the appropriate tests, discussed the choice of aids available and their prices and pros and cons. We felt we made an informed choice and my mother is still very pleased with her hearing aids two years later. We see Tim a couple of times a year to address any problems or to have a ‘retune’ as my mother’s hearing gets gradually worse. Tim is very professional, patient and kind. He listens carefully to questions and gives considered answers. He is very good at communicating clearly with elderly people who need speech to be clear and measured. We would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
T. Paxman
We have consulted Tim Husband for a number of years now and would always recommend him. He is caring, sensitive and extremely professional whenever we see him. Nothing is too much trouble. The help with our hearing has very much improved both our lives.
E & J Sparling