The Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF) provides support to veterans who acquired hearing loss during Service. It is open to those who have a wellbeing need that cannot be met through statutory services (such as the NHS). VHF may fund hearing aids, peripherals or therapies such as tinnitus treatment

To be eligible for a Veteran’s Fund Award you must have some documentation confirming one or more of the items below. Don’t worry if the paperwork has been lost as this can be applied for through the Royal British Legion

  • War pension AFCS award for hearing loss.
  • Lump sum payment for hearing loss.
  • Applied for compensation for your hearing loss, however although refused, it was accepted that the hearing loss was acquired during Service.
  • Provided hearing aids by the MOD.
  • Have service medical records that show hearing loss.

We can help you complete your application and increase the possibility of a successful award. Please get in touch for more information or for help with your application.