Hearing Aid Prices

At Hearing Therapy we pride ourselves on our clear and transparent prices for private hearing aids. There are no additional fees for the style of the hearing aid. From Invisible in the Ear to Receiver in the Ear the choice is yours.

Each hearing aid manufacturer has different strengths in their portfolio and we will work with you to ensure the devices you choose best meet your needs.

Buy with confidence. We understand that hearing loss is complex and that your priorities may change once you have gained experience with your devices. We offer a 60 day return or exchange facility should you need it.

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Entry Level digital hearing


Provide great sound quality

Perform well in quieter


One to one conversations

Situations where there are not a lot of

competing demands on your


From £495 per ear

Advanced Products

More advanced solution

Ideal solution for people that


slightly more challenging



One on one conversations

Family get-togethers

Small gatherings

Less noisy situations

From £995 per ear

Premium Products

Automatically adapt to a

variety of

environments to allow you to


continue listening despite


One on one conversations

Family get-togethers

Small gatherings



Traffic noise

From £1,495 per ear

Ultimate Products

These products really are the

best of the best

Natural sound and clear

conversations even in the


challenging of environments

Maximise the full potential of

your residual


One on one conversations

Family get-togethers

Larger gatherings



Complex sound


Traffic noise

From £1,795 per ear

Optional Extras

Rechargeable hearing aid with charging device

        £200 (Free with Complete Car Package)

Extended Warranty (5 years)

        Free of Charge

Complete Care Package

Includes: Extended warranty (5 years) and complete aftercare package. All consumables such as batteries, receivers (or one free re-shell if a custom device), wax guards etc. If you choose a Rechargeable device the upgrade price is included in the Complete Care Package


Hearing Test Only

        Free of Charge

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