For visitors to our clinic in Dore if you are exhibiting any symptoms that could possibly be attributed to coronavirus (COVID-19) please contact us before visiting.

For general advice about coronavirus (COVID-19) click here for the latest information available from NHS.

We are observing heightened standards of hygiene at our clinic to minimise any risks to visitors. We will be observing a bare below the elbow policy at all sites.

There will be a 10 minute buffer between all appointments. We would appreciate it if all patients could arrive at exactly their appointment time to minimise time spent in our waiting room.

Any queries please feel free to contact us before visiting.

All our team who visit clients at home or in the workplace are well versed in the highest level of hygiene and best practices to ensure your comfort and well-being are paramount.


1. We are fully compliant with our government regulator the HCPC and its clinical code of practice

2.  We are open for business as usual

3. No one in our business is even slightly ill

4. We practice the highest standard of professional clinical hygiene

5. We use sterile, single-use disposable products where possible

6. We always clean our hands before and after seeing a patient

7. We are regularly cleaning all equipment, door handles and hard services

8. Customers will be asked to wash/sanitise their hands before and after the appointment

9. We are a small business and therefore the footfall into our practice is very small

10. We have adopted a “no handshake” policy

11. Any other customers who feel slightly ill are being asked not to attend their appointment

12.  We can offer you a home visit instead


COVID-19 Guidance Update

Following joint guidance from national Audiology professional groups we have re-opened our clinic 

Wherever possible remote care, video counselling and home visits will be offered. All visitors to the clinic will be called first to ensure they are symptom free

In order to minimise contact we will be carefully staggering appointments throughout the day. Please ensure that you attend at exactly the time of your appointment

We will also be allowing 10 minute gaps following each appointment to allow a thorough cleaning of all surfaces and equipment. It is very important therefore that appointments run to time

Depending on the nature of your appointment and your ‘at-risk’ status you may be requested to wear both mask and gloves

Thank you to all our customers for your support and understanding

Tim Husband

Principal Clinical Audiologist

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