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Hearing Aids for Music

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Hearing aids are often not the best for listening to music with. However when correctly programmed and with modern streaming technology direct from you TV or mobile phone they can perform surprisingly well. In an article for the website I explore the reasons why hearing aids are not always successful with music and how this might be improved. You

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Starkey Livio – AI or Babel Fish?

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Starkey have always been at the forefront of technology but with the Livio AI they appear to be showing off a little. It doesn’t just offer top end signal processing and feedback suppression. No, that would be too easy. The instrument also offers an amazing array of new features including: Health tracking, fall detection, rechargeable options & geo-tagged programs. Finally

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Oticon OPN 1 S Launch

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I was very pleased to be invited to an excellent training day and product launch with Oticon this Thursday. Every hearing aid manufacturer employs different sound and noise management strategies to enhance hearing and Oticon’s BrainHearing strategy is one of the best evidenced. Although as a dispenser I try to match each fitting to TARGET as closely as possible because

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The Phonak Marvel

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Marvel is the next generation of ground breaking hearing technology developed by Phonak. Audeo Marvel offers unmatched hearing performance with AutoSense OS™ 3.0, the best first fit ever achieved by Phonak, and reduced listening effort when hearing gets tough. With incredible new features such as speech to text with the MyCall-to-text app and the TV Streamer the future is now!

Resound Quattro

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The Resound Quattro is the latest premium plus hearing aid from GN Resound. The Quattro offers the best in business performance in music reproduction and speech in noise management. Along with the Resound 3D Smart application for your mobile phone and remote assist support these are some of the most advanced devices available. The rechargeable option comes with best in

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