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Tinnitus Management Appointments

The first consultation will take around 90 minutes
Subsequent consultations are 50 minute sessions

Initial consultation £165

This will include:

Inspection of ear canals (otoscopy)
Hearing assessment
Tinnitus Match
Application of Outcome Measure Questionnaires
Detailed explanation of hearing assessment and management of tinnitus

Follow up consultations £65/session

Hearing Test

Hearing assessment involves careful assessment of your ear canals (otoscopy) and pure tone audiometry to diagnose any hearing loss. Following the assessment treatment or referral options will be discussed. Where hearing aids are indicated a written quotation can be offered if preferred.

Where conducted at High Trees Clinic there is no charge for this service if you are over 18 years of age. If you wish to be assessed at home there is a £30 surcharge which is refunded if you purchase hearing aids.

We are able to undertake hearing assesment on children over the age of five but do not have the facilities required to test children younger than this.

Earwax Removal

Endoscopic Wax Micro Suction – Safer and more comfortable than syringing or irrigation

Before and after images taken of ear canals

One or Both Ears              £70    Fee is for the consultation*

Home Visit surcharge    £30 

You will only be charged once your ears have been successfully cleared.

Please pre-treat your ears with olive oil 1 day prior to your appointment

*If the problem is not ear wax there is a £30 appointment fee. Hearing test and/or referral advice will be offered

Hearing Aid Support

Don’t worry if you have just moved to Sheffield or purchased your devices elsewhere, we can still look after you!

On-boarding includes reassessment of your hearing, service and re-programming of your hearing aids.

£250/hearing aid/year

This fee includes all aftercare, consumables and support appointments

All makes supported

Hearing tests conducted and hearing aids fitted in:

Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Barnsley, and surrounding areas

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